Aharon Joseph




Aharon Joseph is a writer, artist-musician and founder of multimedia tech startup 'TrethWest Inc'. The different endeavours that make up the sum of my professional passions all lend to one another in very eclectic and economic ways. That is to say that the ideas that go into my writing greatly influence the music I make, which then shape the mobile game content, animated shorts and business plans I create for my fledgling startup. 


My music is a blend of various rhythmic, oral storytelling and literary traditions that stem from the new world (the Americas) and Africa. Every rhyme, every flow and every oddly placed pause is an invitation into the realm of invention. A call into the wild hoping for a response, for dialogue. A yearning for a beyond that is always out of reach but not beyond the reach of the imagination.

What does art mean to me? 


Art in its most radical form is a medium which reveals that which is hidden. It enables us to understand the world we inhabit with much more clarity and precision. Albeit, it is an understanding that is a fractal of the total. There is a reason why the statement 'Thou Art God' is made repeatedly in Psalm 90. And this reason is very much disassociated from any reductive theological reading of that Psalmic text. The statement when opened up suggests that 'Art' as a mediating device is a way of unconcealing unknown aspects of the world. Giving our lives deeper meaning by showing the contingent events that went into, as Curtis Mayfield sang, 'the makings of you'. Making more intelligible our situatedness within the whole and making possible the lifting up of our voices to either sing in harmony with the collective or to go against the grain with dissenting staccato blue notes.