Ashley Harrison

Managing Director

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Hello, I'm Ashley (She/Her)!  I am a biracial Eritrean-Canadian from Toronto, Canada. I hold a bachelors degree in Psychology as well as a Masters degree in Global Affairs. My professional background spans business strategy, global development, and marketing, and I have worked with EYC for several years. 

What does art mean to me? 


Art has been part of my life since childhood. Some of my earliest memories are of laying on the ground drawing or painting while my family watched television after dinner, or of sitting by myself and sketching while other children played during daycare. As I grew, my love for art and design led me into a fine arts program during high middle and high school, and as a lover of art in adulthood. Art, to me, in all its forms, is a method for expressing universal emotions and capturing feelings that cannot otherwise be communicated.