Shewit Kidane




Shewit Kidane is an Eritrean-Canadian, born in Vancouver, BC. Since childhood Shewit has been immersed in the traditional art, songs, dance and poetry of Eritrea. As a traditional music enthusiast, Shewit plays "krar", the traditional guitar, native to Eritrea and Ethiopia in his spare time. 


"Being exposed to music and dance and coming from such a rich culture along with media and videos really influenced me growing up...I have an eye and an ear for art and it was always something I had a natural knack for. I always admired the artist's expression and wanted to express myself as well."

What does art meant to you?

Art means you are translating your deepest feelings and thoughts and imagination through  innovation, expression and creativity in a way that entices your senses and the audience. Art is one of the most powerful tools that transcends any communication because of its ability to evoke inspiration and sensations with profound meaning in others.

Who is your favourite artist?


The question of who your favourite artist is a difficult one.  Musically there are so many geniuses.  I would have to say my favorite artist would have to be Yigzaw Michael when it comes to artwork. Musically, I would have to say Yemane Ghebremichael.

My favorite piece of art is the traditional Habesha Meskel (cross).  The intricate designs and fractals always amaze me.  I doodle them all the time being inspired by the various versions. I also like the design of the idiat (stiching) on tilfi's and Netsela's.  I also love the traditional woven baskets made in Eritrea.  They are so simple but useful and they are an expression of the people's artistic capacity.