Fatma Hassan


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Fatma Hassan is a dedicated advocate of social impact with a focus on racialized immigrants and minority entrepreneurs. Her interest areas led earning an MA in Immigration and Settlement Studies and shaped a professional career in immigration policy and now as a business development leader advocating for the inclusion of minority entrepreneurs in corporate Canada. 


Fatma is a proud Eritrean from Massawa, speaks Tigre and Arabic and always wanting to learn more about the beautifully rich and diverse cultures that are the fabric of the Eritrean identity.

What does art mean to me?

Art is emotions, imagination and sound. It's the language of the eyes, heart and mind that words can't always capture.


Since then, we have tried to support local non-profits, artists and arts organizations whenever we can.  Art has the power to challenge our thoughts, to heal our hearts, to calm our souls, to inspire our imaginations and to connect us to our roots.  Thus, it is so meaningful to me to be part of supporting this anthology.