Call for Submissions

We welcome all Eritrean-Canadians to submit artistic pieces of any kind for potential publication in the Anthology. This can include paintings, photographs, poems, short stories, essays, and/or photographs of three-dimensional work. While we are open to pieces that touch on all aspects of Eritrean culture and/or the Eritrean-Canadian experience, the specific themes we aim to explore are: 









Exodus: Share your reflections on the experience of leaving or being away from Eritrea.

En Route: What do you remember about your journey to Canada? What stories has your family shared about their journey? Whether Sudan or Saudi Arabia, Germany or Greece, we want to hear about your experience.

Entry: If you immigrated to Canada, what was your experience as a newcomer? If you were raised in Canada, what role did your Eritrean heritage play in your childhood?

Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment: Share the stories of your challenges and successes in the domains of education and employment, as well as the ways in which your cultural background impacted these areas

Establishment: Share your experience of establishing a life, family, and community in Canada. How has your background as an Eritrean influenced the life that you’ve created for yourself?

Ease & Entertainment: What brings you joy? What allows you to feel recharged? What aspects of the Eritrean culture do you experience as joyful, exciting, or relaxing? 

Exchange: What cultural exchanges with other Canadians have been meaningful to you? 

Eternal: Who would you like to commemorate through the anthology? 

Submission Requirements 

  • Artists may submit any artistic piece or pieces that can be displayed on a screen or page, such as an image of a painting, illustration, photograph, poem, short story, essay, and/or photograph of three-dimensional work

  • Must be of Eritrean origin and represent the Eritrean-Canadian experience

  • Must be an original piece of art (i.e. your own lyrics, photos, stories, etc.)

  • Must not have previously been published elsewhere 

  • Must be submitted in English or another Eritrean language (e.g. Tigrinya, Bilen, Arabic, Kunama). All works of art will be presented in the original language of submission and in English

  • We ask that you avoid displaying overt political opinions or positions in your work. This anthology seeks to unite through common experience

  • Pieces must be submitted through email as a .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .pages, or .txt file

Please attach your work to an email, which you can access through the 'Submit Work' button below. In addition to the art piece, please include your full name, the title of the piece, materials used (in physical work)the year in which the piece was created, and a 100-250 word paragraph explaining the message/inspiration behind your submission and why you believe in should be included in the anthology. 

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges. If your piece is selected to be included in the anthology, we will be in touch with you to discuss payment. We will also share paperwork regarding Intellectual Property/Copyright. No submissions will be returned to artists.